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If you’re a Baltimore area resident, you likely know how cold, windy, and wet the winter months get. From daily commuter to the family hauler, winter capability is vital. It’s probably safe to say that all drivers want to stay safe on the roads. With that said, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is prepared to handle the ever-changing Baltimore roads. Here at Bob Bell Chevrolet of Baltimore, our team is prepared to assist drivers with all their winter service and parts preparation needs. Looking for a bit more information about our winter prep services? Check out some of our offerings below.

Winter Tires
Ensuring that your vehicle is outfitted with tires that are winter-worthy is one of the most important winter prep steps. Whether you have all-season, winter, or studded tires; drivers need to check their tread! Even if you have tires that are tailored to take on winter conditions, if they’re out of shape, you’ll want to think about purchasing new tires. Winter and studded tires are one area of winter prep that most drivers most likely will have heard of. With specialty tread design, winter tires help to increase traction on winter roads. With deeper grooves and more aggressive tread, winter tires are made for slush, snow, and wet conditions. For those drivers that want the most traction while traversing winter roads, studded tires might be for you. With protruding metal implants, studded tires are designed to handle icy roads. The metal implants dig into the roads for near maximum winter traction. Drivers with winter or studded tires still need to traverse winter roads with caution! While these tire types are intended to increase traction, cautious driving should still be used.

General Winter Servicing
When the frigid cold descends, complications can arise. Ensure that your vehicle is in proper working order; trust our service and parts teams to give your vehicle a proper once-over. From checking your battery to ensure that there’s no corrosion buildup to checking your various vehicle fluids, our team is ready to assist drivers with all the essential winter prep steps. Some steps that drivers can take care of themselves include switching your windshield wiper fluid to the de-icing winter windshield wiper fluid. Beyond the above steps, another important step that drivers should consider when prepping for winter is checking their anti-freeze. Drivers can either go to the hassle of checking their anti-freeze themselves or they can let our service team take care of the whole deal! Regardless of whether you’re thinking of just getting new winter tires or you’re looking to get your whole vehicle checked over; our team can help!

Beyond the Vehicle – The Bob Bell Chevrolet of Baltimore Team
Want to schedule an appointment to get your oil changed? Thinking you’ll purchase a new set of winter tires but would like some advice from our team of professionals? Stop by our dealership and speak with our service and parts team! Drivers can also call or schedule an appointment via our website. We’re all about convenience here at Bob Bell Chevrolet of Baltimore! Don’t take any chances this winter. Bring your car in for a winter inspection to ensure it’s ready for winter conditions. There’s plenty of options! If you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle, that’s fine too! We’re a one-stop-shop for nearly all your automotive needs! Stop by our dealership today and speak with a service or parts professional today!

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