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If you’re a Havre de Grace shopper looking to take home a new car, then you probably have been thinking about if you want to buy or lease. Both financing options have their benefits and setbacks, and today we want to go over the basics of leasing a new Chevy.

Why You Should Lease
Leasing is a form of short-term ownership. Most lease terms are three-years long, but you can get two-year leases. Since you won’t own the vehicle at the end of the agreement, you have a much smaller monthly payment. This is great for shoppers who are on a budget or people who want to have more in the bank each month to put towards savings, a home down payment, or to simply enjoy what the quaint Havre de Grace downtown has to offer.
Another benefit of leasing is that you get to be in a new vehicle every few years, which is ideal if you’re someone who gets bored easily or likes to upgrade their toys. With leasing, you’ll always be up with the trends.

Things To Keep In Mind
There are two things to consider before leasing. The first is that leasing is really only suitable for low-mileage drivers (i.e., people who drive fewer than 12,000 miles per year). If you go over, you’ll have a penalty that will rack up with every mile. If you’re someone who drives a lot each year, buying is definitely a better option.
Another thing is the long-term costs. Leasing is technically cheaper on a monthly basis, but if you keep getting into lease cycle after lease cycle, you’ll soon pay more than if you had bought a new vehicle and paid down the amount. It’s important to know what matters to you more: having an up-to-date model to drive around Have de Grace every few years or saving money.

If leasing sounds like it’s a great fit for you, stop into our dealership this week to check out our new Chevrolet inventory and speak with a member of our finance team about the competitive leasing options.

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