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We at Bob Bell Chevrolet of Bel Air want to make sure all our customers – like those we serve from Perry Hall – stay safe. One way you can be prepared for most situations is by having a car kit in your Chevy’s trunk or cargo area.
Getting a car kit together is a fun weekend activity. You may need to buy some items, but you’d be surprised how many things you already have around your home in Perry Hall.

• First Aid Kit
• Jumper cables or portable battery pack
• Flashlight/headlamp and matches
• Blanket or towel
• Bottled water and high-energy snacks: think granola bars, jerky, or even packs of crackers with PB
• Extra phone charger
• A pair of older sneakers: in case you need to walk down the road for assistance and aren’t wearing the right shoes
• Emergency cash: $20-$50 should be fine
• A book or two: these are great to occupy yourself with if you’re waiting for roadside assistance, that way you don’t drain your cell phone’s battery
• An up to date road Atlas: just in case the GPS leads you astray in more rural areas

It might seem like a long list, but these items shouldn’t take up a lot of space, even if you have a smaller vehicle, like a Chevy Cruze. Hopefully you won’t need to rely on your car kit, but if you do you’ll be happy that you have one prepared.
If you already have a car kit, we’d love to know what you have in yours. Also, don’t forget to visit our service center. Our techs can help keep your Chevy in excellent condition, which can cut down on roadside incidents. Our dealership and service center are about a 15-minute drive from Perry Hall, so make an appointment to meet with us in the coming weeks!

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