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Let’s be real: most of us are guilty of using our cell phones while driving, even if it’s just every now and then. Distracted driving is on the rise, and over the years we’ve seen everything from fender benders to fatal accidents because drivers were staring at their phones when they should have been focused on the road ahead.
Because Chevy as a brand is big on safety, they’ve made it their mission to help us get over our texting-while-driving habits in an innovative way. Chevy hosted a hackathon to tackle this issue earlier this year, and the winners were students from Wayne University.
They created an app called ‘Call Me Out’. When the app senses that the driver is using the phone while going over 5 MPH, it reminds the driver that texting or scrolling behind the wheel just isn’t worth it. The reminders aren’t just from an anonymous voice, though. The key factor that makes this app so effective is that it uses the people that matter most!
Loved ones actually record their own responses against texting and driving, which encouraged drivers to put their phones down.
The app is currently available for Android, and we encourage drivers with eligible phones to check out this innovative product. Yes, many of us are guilty of multi-tasking when driving, but with the help of ‘Call Me Out’ and resisting temptation, we can be much better about keeping ourselves and others safer on the road.

For more information on this app or any of the advanced safety features you can get on a new Chevy, stop into our dealership.

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